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Why Can't We Worship in the Sanctuary?

Hey Houston River,

In the past several months, numerous members have asked me when we will worship in the big sanctuary again. My answer has been 6-8 months because that is the amount of time required for repairs. But then, as you would expect, they want to know the extent of the damage. The damage done by Hurricane Laura to the sanctuary was significant.

There were four different penetrations of the metal roof. The areas under each hole sustained water damage. Also the steeple was fractured and twisted. Our insurance company does not want us to patch the repairs but to replace everything to match.

So the following repairs are needed before we meet in the sanctuary again.

  • Remove and replace the metal roof

  • Remove and replace the steeple

  • Remove and replace the ceiling tiles

  • Install new insulation above the ceiling tiles

  • Replace or repair drywall

  • Paint new and repaired drywall

  • Remove and replace the carpet

  • Repair the exterior stucco

  • Repaint the exterior of the sanctuary

  • Remove and replace the lighting fixtures

  • Remove the pews and then reinstall them

This list does not include any upgrades we should make before the sanctuary is available for use.

Damage also occurred to the Family Life Center, the storage building, the marquee sign, and the walkways. Some other buildings need cosmetic repairs. The parsonage and main building needed new shingle roofs. And there was damage to three trees that required removal. You can go to our website to see some pictures.

We are hoping to get approval for the repairs from the insurance adjuster this week. Once we are approved to begin repairs, we will let you know.

In the meantime, I ask you to do three things:

  1. Continue inviting other families to join us in worship in the Refuge.

  2. Pray for wisdom for us to know what upgrades to make.

  3. Support the budget of the church through your faithful giving.

I hope you find this information helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Pastor Lonnie


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