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Called Business Meeting

In an attempt to minimize as many large gatherings as possible, we are having a called business meeting at the end of both worship services on Sunday, December 5. Because of time constraints, there will be no discussion, just a ballot.

Here is the agenda on the ballot with a short explanation for each item.

1) The Finance Director moves to approve a $6000 housing allowance for the Senior Pastor for 2021.

  • This amount is not in addition to his salary, but a designated portion of his salary.

  • This allows the pastor to reduce his tax burden for 2021.

  • This is an annual approval process.

2) The Budget Committee moves to approve operating with the 2020 Budget for the first three months of 2021. This motion has the endorsement of the Trustees.

  • Because of Covid and hurricanes, the Budget Committee was not able to meet to develop a new budget for 2021. This proposal will allow them time to develop the new budget after the first of the year.

  • The proposed 2021 Budget will be presented for approval at the April business meeting.

3) The Budget Committee and Trustees move to pay our insurance deductible (currently set at $127,715) from our savings in the New Building Fund and the Capital Maintenance Fund in equal parts.

  • As of the end of November, the New Building Fund has a balance of $146,769.04 and the Capital Maintenance Fund has a balance of $181,022.59.

4) The Personnel Committee moves to hire Peyton Robertson as a paid nursery worker at the rate of $10 per hour.

  • We need additional nursery staff.

  • He has already been helping in the nursery and the children respond well to him.

  • He will not be responsible for their bathroom or diaper needs.

5) The Nominating Committee moves to extend all committee rotations until the March 2021 business meeting.

  • Because of Covid and hurricanes, the Nominating Committee was not able to meet and fill annual committee vacancies.

  • This proposal will allow them time to recruit new committee members.

  • The updated committee recommendations will be presented at the March business meeting.

Finally, we were suppose to vote on three members to serve on the Worship Minister Search Committee. However, we have not received enough individual nomination forms. Therefore we will extend the nomination process through the month of December. I will send out more information regarding this process next week.

Please contact me with any questions.

Blessings to All,

Pastor Lonnie


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